Do Men get Split Ends ?

Do Men get Split Ends ?

Err Yes - but of course we do not talk about it because we're a man ! Is it like leprosy? Is it terminal? Can it be treated? Fortunately this is not a life-threatening condition, although it is terminal as far as your hair goes. Treatable only by amputation, but we’ll get to that...

What Are Split Ends, And Why Are They Bad?
Split ends are exactly what they sound like. It’s when the shaft of your hair splits into two or more segments, usually at the tip. Think about a rope that’s unravelling at the end. Split ends are a sign of damaged, often unhealthy, hair. Once it splits, your hair will continue splitting further and further all the way up the shaft of your hair until it reaches the root. Then you’re in real trouble, because split ends make your already damaged hair more susceptible to further damage and breakage.

Split ends will affect your hair’s appearance, making it look ragged, weathered, tired, dusty and haggard. Worse though is the long term effects of split ends. You probably want your hair to be growing longer, faster. When your hair breaks you’ll have uneven length, but you also lose that hair and have to start over. Effectively, breakage is the enemy of long hair.

What causes split ends?
Damage. From heat, chemicals, exposure, rough treatment and wear & tear. Including but not limited to:
  • Excessive use of blow dryers, straightening irons, curling irons and other heat-emanating devices.
  • Hair treatments, colouring, bleach and hair products with sulfates.
  • Overexposure to sunlight, seawater, chlorine, smoke or air pollution.
  • Using hair ties or other hair accessories that damage your hair.
Here are some situations and activities that may be more common to men, where you could be damaging your hair:
  • If you’re brushing your hair when it’s wet.
  • If you’re tying your hair too tight, especially for long periods, especially when it’s wet.
  • If you’re skiing or snowboarding and you leave your hair exposed to subfreezing temperatures.
  • If you’re engaging in water sports without rinsing with fresh water, especially when leaving your hair exposed to intense sunlight afterwards.
  • If you’re shampooing every day.
  • If you’re using products that dry out your hair.
  • If you’re using hair ties that damage your hair.

Do you have split ends?
Take a section of your hair and examine it carefully under good light. Hold it between two fingers. You can look in a mirror if that helps. You will be able to see individual shafts of hair splitting into a “Y,” or even further splitting into three or more segments.

If you have split ends, you need to panic. Actually don’t panic, but you’ll need to amputate on these wounded hairs, cutting at least a ¼ inch above the split. 

What do you do about them?
We recommend finding a barber or stylist you trust, and who is educated about hair. We know it's rubbish getting your hair trimmed, especially if you’re eager for it to grow longer. But if you have split ends and your don’t trim them, they are going to get worse and it’s going to take more time to grow your hair longer.

Split Ender - The Alternative !
You can keep your hair looking smooth, healthy and beautiful with the Split-Ender - The ultimate cordless Split-End trimmer ! The Inventor of the Split-Ender is Victor Talavera. He used to have long hair and would spend hours cutting split ends every other month. He ran his hair through his fingers and with a pair of scissors, would cut the damaged strands one by one. It was a nightmare! So he invented the Split Ender !

The Split Ender is easier, faster and safer than scissors. It cuts split-ends and damaged hair in just minutes and you can trims as little as 1/8" from your own hair.

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