Split Ends are a regular problem !

Split Ends are a regular problem !

Split Ends are a regular problem for millions of us around the UK and most of us might not even know what we are doing to cause them to happen. Split Ends happen when the hair becomes dry, brittle and damaged. Each hair follicle is made up of 3 sections: the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla.

The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair and acts as the protective layer of the hair. Its role is similar to that of bark to a tree. The cuticle is made up of overlapping scales that prevent damage to the cortex and also manage the water content of the hair. When we shampoo our hair water passes through the cuticle into the hair follicle. However when this happens the cuticles are left open. When this happens the surface area of the hair has increased meaning it will lose moisture more quickly. The longer this is left the case, the drier the hair will become and the quicker damage will begin to appear. To prevent this drying out to happen, we need to close the cuticles using a conditioner. Conditioning your hair is just as important as shampooing it to look after its health.

If the cuticle is not looked after then you will start to do damage to the hair cortex. It is when damage occurs to the cortex that breakages and split ends occur. This damage will begin at the weakest point along the hair, which will tend to be towards the end of the hair. It is more likely to happen in longer hair as the further away from the body the hair is, the quicker it loses its moisture content. The cortex itself is made up of a fibrous keratin structure that takes the form of a rope like structure.

90% of the total hairs weight is in the hairs cortex and this is where the hairs pigment is found. When you dye your hair you do permanent damage to the cortex to affect the pigment of the hair. First the chemicals in the dye will need to open the hair cuticles making the hair less able to retain moisture. After that it must strip the pigment from the hair and then add a new pigment in its place. Doing this is hugely damaging to the hair follicle.

When the hair follicle becomes damaged and dried out, the hairs cortex is no longer able to maintain its structure and the cortex unravels. This weakening of the cortex is what leaves the hair susceptible to breakages and split ends. When split ends happen it leaves the hair looking untidy and uneven. Split ends will also increase the likelihood of fly away hair. The hair will also look dull and flat and this damage might be able to be reversed. In most cases the only way to fix the split end is to cut the hair above the level where the damage has been seen. If left alone the split end can keep on moving its way up the hair follicle meaning more of the hair needs to be cut off. Hair care is important for the long term health of your hair and preventing damage from taking place.

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